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Speaking Engagements

Sheri Schrier guest speaking engagementsSheri Schrier, Founder/Executive Director of Happy Hats for Kids in Hospitals, would be delighted to share our heartwarming charity and its vital mission with you and your guests. We guarantee everyone will be laughing and there will be a few heart-touching tears. Sheri's presentation is not only informative but lots of fun! Each person is offered a smile-evoking Happy Hat to wear during the presentation, which sets the mood for immediate laughter. During her 25-minute talk your guests will view a five-minute video showing the impact our programs make in the lives of hospitalized children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and their families. At the end of the presentation, guests may keep their Happy Hat with a nominal tax deductible donation.

Please call 310-787-0970 to schedule a speaking engagement with Sheri.

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